2 Popular Types of Interior Design

There are so many different types of interior design from modern to Mediterranean to shabby and chic . The main challenge for our building clients and remodelling projects is that people do just not know the “type” of design it is that they want, they know what the end look is going to be but they do not know how to describe it to the builder!

Withy such an array of unique styles, all of which can be pretty impressive when done right, and people often wanting a blend of different types it might be a great idea to dig down into the different styles and look to see what exactly they are

A great starting point for an interior design project is to learn a bit about each of the styles and how they differ from one another.

1. Modern

Modern is quire a broad way of describing an interior that has not only mod cons but is also pretty minimal with crisp clear lines. The colours are fairly low key and have a mild, clean and professional tone to them

Modern style does not involve a lot of furniture and accessories and will certainly give the impression of being clutter free and tidy. Many people wanting a tidy look will go for the modern style of decorating and they would usually be considered quite minimalistic in their approach.

2. Mediterranean,Tuscan or Spanish Colonial

A lot of our building projects involve the construction of Spanish style villas. Including properties at the Charleston Retirement Relocation Service When the owner of these properties wants to keep in line with the design of the building the best way is to decorate in a Mediterranean style. This involves quite dark colours but very bright open and large windows.

Jon Peters from MPression talks about his opinion on the use of this popular interior style. Building, Construction and remodelling http://interiorsbystudiom.com

“In my opinion, the tricky part of doing Mediterranean is not going too overboard with the ornate scrolling details or keeping things too dark.  A great way to do this is by giving a Spanish Colonial home a fresh makeover.  Updated mosaic tile backsplashes and ornate flooring is a great alternative to plain terra cotta floor tiles in common areas like a staircase or kitchen.  Also, taking advantage of this architectural style’s affinity for natural lighting and large, open windows creates a great opportunity for fresh white sheer curtains to capture a colonial coastal vibe.”

There are many more types of interior style of course, but these two seem to be becoming more and more popular and are certainly a contrast apart.

Roofing maintenance: Is it important?

Our Partners at ND Roofing Plano in Texas discuss the importance of maintaining your roof.

Most times people put more importance in maintaining their assets while forgetting the roof. It may be because roofs are out of sight. It is uncommon to find homeowners inspecting their roofs as they would with their machines. Regardless of how many times you check your roof, it is noteworthy that roofing maintenance is just as essential as tool keeping. If you among those people who think that if a roof is not leaking, you don’t need to bother with it, then you are wrong. Roofing maintenance is necessary and here is why.

Maintained roof endures harsh weather

If you care about your teeth, then it means you often have checkups. That is the same case with roofing.  Properly maintained roof have the capability of withstanding harsh weather conditions throughout the year. This means, even if there is a hurricane you will not have to worry.

Gives your roof a prolonged lifespan

Regular roofing maintenance can help to prolong the lifetime of your roofs. This is because leaks are spotted early and repaired in a thorough, systematic process while tackling one part of the ceiling at a time. Also, repairs are done as needed unlike when spotted late with repairs done hurriedly to catch up with time.

Reduces replacement costs

Just as you maintain your tool properly so as to avoid going back to the market, so it is with roofing. Regular maintenance helps reduce replacement costs. If a leak is not noticed early enough, it may become large and eventually, you will have to replace the entire roof. This means you will incur more costs as compared to repairs. By performing regular maintenance of your roof, you are extending its lifespan.

Family and home safety

I’m sure you wouldn’t want to live in a house where you are insecure. Maintaining your roof is essential in ensuring your security and that of your family. A strong roof prevents moisture from trickling down into the framework. This can create rot and mold, stained ceilings and walls, damaged dry walls, and even result in it potentially-fatal harm in your electrical system. It thus assists to keep your entire home structure safe. If you care about your people, you will without any doubt carry out regular roof maintenance.

Retains the design

During the construction of your house, you might have chosen a design that you still think it compliments your whole house. If you do not take proper care of your roof, then the design will be damaged. Regular roofing maintenance ensures that the ceiling maintains its stunning design regardless of the time of the year. Not only that but it is another way of beautifying your home and keeping the quality of the building. Checking roof damages and offering immediate solution helps keep that gorgeous design of your house.

Bottom line

Have you been neglecting your roof? If so, then you need to focus on its maintenance if you love your family and care about the high costs involved in roof replacement.

Self Building Advice

-A self-build home gives you the chance to have a house in the location you want.
· Location preferences can depend upon your need to be close to the market, or in an urban setting, in the city or near your place of work.
· While houses may not be available always in the setting that you require, but the knowledge of vacant plots in such areas can be well utilized to build a house.
· This gives you a suitable conveyance, neighborhood and easy access to market.


Give yourself the privilege of living in self-designed house.
· Have yourself built a bungalow or villa, or choose from amongst the multifarious designs that architectures provide, keeping in mind the essential requirements of a well-designed home.
· Kids usually have some preferences too regarding design, color, ambiance of their rooms. They can get their ideas implemented too.
· Every room will be built according to your lifestyle choices, and the services of interior designers or architects can be availed of for this purpose, while Plymouth Builders will do the rest of the work of building from scratch till the end.
· Various colored lightings to brighten up the living areas can be your preference too.
· The materials you choose depending on the climatic conditions can be incorporated well.

While pre-build houses don’t provide the flexibility of going up or down on budget given the fixed rates, in self-build houses cost comparisons can be made thereby achieving maximum in minimal cost.

As talked aforesaid, you get to choose among different cost alternatives rather than just accepting what the builders offer you. A self-build plot of land can be acquired in the desired area from services like www.plotsearch.co.uk in UK. This construction company with the designed house whcih can be further built, comes to be near about the costs of purchasing a house. While the qualitative satisfaction is always much more in this era

How to choose a contractor

When it comes to construction, it is crucial to choose your contractor carefully. If you are building a mall, one simple mistake in picking your contractor can result in significant losses. While the task of searching for a contractor can be overwhelming, choosing a good contractor makes sense to your business. But for each craziest encounter with a client, there is always something to smile. And that is why we want to save you a headache with these simple ways on how to choose a contractor.

The Bristol Patio Builders Explain what is really important below –

Is the contractor licensed or insured?

We all know that scammers are everywhere including the construction sector. An unlicensed contractor may end up being unreliable. A contractor who has a license and insurance proves that his company is credible. License reduces your chances of being swindled. Additionally, even if the company has a permit, ensure it is valid by getting the license number. If you pick an unlicensed contractor, and a worker gets hurt while working on your project, you are likely to take responsibility.

Ask for recommendations

As you search, you may find several contractors and find it hard to choose. Recommendations are essential. You can ask a friend to recommend his previous contractor who did him a good job. You can also ask the building inspector in your area to suggest one. The inspector might be in the right position to recommend a good construction contractor as he knows those who regularly meet the standard requirements and those who don’t.

Check their projects

A reliable contractor will not be worried or shy away from showing you the projects he is working on or the previous ones. If possible, request to visit the site where he currently has projects. This can help you to figure out his skills and experience and thus helping you decide if the contractor is suitable for your project. If visiting the site is not enough, request an honest feedback from the current client.

Does the contractor communicate effectively?

Communication is critical in every situation. Spend some time with your expected contractor to find out if he communicates appropriately. You can as well try communicating through phone or email so you can find if he replies promptly. A contractor with excellent communication skills or one who responds to your messages can help solve issues that may come up during construction.


Although skills are necessary, it is also vital to check if he has skills that match your project. Do not hire someone who has skills that do not match your project. This can help your expected contractor to point out problems and solve them accordingly. An expert in your project can tell you the right materials to use and which one can cause the building to collapse.

Bottom line

It is worth mentioning that in every industry, an experience is very essential and this is not different in construction. Choosing an experienced and qualified contractor for your project is a guarantee of a prosperous and safe project.

Five essential tools for construction workers

It feels good when you have the right tool for the right job. Going to work without any tool is like going to fight empty handed. Using equipment for the job it’s not intended will make your project take long to complete and unsuccessful. If you are a construction worker, ensure you have the necessary construction tools if not all. Even if you are a beginner, these basic tools are needed, and they can fit in an average tools box. Depending on the section you are going to work, choose tools that you are going to need most of the time. Moreover, most of the equipment are portable.


These are just simple tools which are multipurpose and helpful. As a starter, you can utilize clamps to hold glued pieces of wood together as the glue dries. The clamps can also be useful in holding a piece of concrete in place. When it is about construction, clamps act as extra hands that can hold objects more than the hands would.


In construction, some of the tasks require you to apply force. A screwdriver is one such tool that gives you the power you need to remove or place screws into wood. Though they give you power during the process, the time for completing the task. Make sure you purchase screwdriver that’s can work with a variety of screw sizes. Additionally, buying a handle that has interchangeable heads that fit a variety of screw sizes can be beneficial.

Measuring tools

If you thought it’s only tailors who use measuring tools such as a tape measure, then you are wrong. Construction workers too need a measuring tape, retractable rulers, and laser meters. Tape measures differ in length. Laser meters use a laser beam to calculate the lengths, and they are costly as compared the tape measures

Nails and hammer

When it comes to construction, hammers are multipurpose, and that is why it is essential to have them just from the start of your construction career. If you are a carpenter, you will need a hammer to remove and drive nails into wood. If you are a mason, you will require a hammer for stonework and to break up bricks. You might also find ball-peen hammers valuable if you are a metal worker and a rubber mallet useful if you want to strike a surface without causing destruction. When purchasing a hammer choose one that fits the type of work that you do.


You may think a drill is not necessary for construction but they it is vital when drilling holes. A drill is a resourceful tool that can perform multiple tasks. You may need a drill when creating holes, removing and driving screws.

Bottom line

With the right tools and experience, construction workers can quickly perform simple construction tasks. It is important to know which type of machine you should purchase for a particular job. For example, if you are planning to work with metal or wood, buy a tool that is appropriate for the task.