2 Popular Types of Interior Design

There are so many different types of interior design from modern to Mediterranean to shabby and chic . The main challenge for our building clients and remodelling projects is that people do just not know the “type” of design it is that they want, they know what the end look is going to be but they do not know how to describe it to the builder!

Withy such an array of unique styles, all of which can be pretty impressive when done right, and people often wanting a blend of different types it might be a great idea to dig down into the different styles and look to see what exactly they are

A great starting point for an interior design project is to learn a bit about each of the styles and how they differ from one another.

1. Modern

Modern is quire a broad way of describing an interior that has not only mod cons but is also pretty minimal with crisp clear lines. The colours are fairly low key and have a mild, clean and professional tone to them

Modern style does not involve a lot of furniture and accessories and will certainly give the impression of being clutter free and tidy. Many people wanting a tidy look will go for the modern style of decorating and they would usually be considered quite minimalistic in their approach.

2. Mediterranean,Tuscan or Spanish Colonial

A lot of our building projects involve the construction of Spanish style villas. Including properties at the Charleston Retirement Relocation Service When the owner of these properties wants to keep in line with the design of the building the best way is to decorate in a Mediterranean style. This involves quite dark colours but very bright open and large windows.

Jon Peters from MPression talks about his opinion on the use of this popular interior style. Building, Construction and remodelling http://interiorsbystudiom.com

“In my opinion, the tricky part of doing Mediterranean is not going too overboard with the ornate scrolling details or keeping things too dark.  A great way to do this is by giving a Spanish Colonial home a fresh makeover.  Updated mosaic tile backsplashes and ornate flooring is a great alternative to plain terra cotta floor tiles in common areas like a staircase or kitchen.  Also, taking advantage of this architectural style’s affinity for natural lighting and large, open windows creates a great opportunity for fresh white sheer curtains to capture a colonial coastal vibe.”

There are many more types of interior style of course, but these two seem to be becoming more and more popular and are certainly a contrast apart.

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